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ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q (QR) - Removal of Matte Coating


Edit: The Coating has been removed and the scratch is completely gone, see this post.

I’ve got myself an essentially brand new ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR (27” 1440p TN 165Hz G-Sync) monitor here with a long scratch on it, been tasked to see if anything can be done about it and I do believe the scratch may have only grazed the anti-glare coating which would be great, so it still has a fighting chance!

A user named itsgreekpete over at reddit mentioned he successfully removed the anti-glare coating on his Acer XB1 XB271 which uses the same panel I believe (27” 1440p TN 165Hz G-Sync).

Before attempting it myself, I thought I’d ask for any tips or tricks here first, and I intend to document the entire process with high quality pictures for anyone interested.

Quote: Originally Posted by itsgreekpete
I've successfully done this on the ACER XB271HU which has the same panel as this monitor.
Take the monitor apart. Get the panel. Get some really wet paper towels (just before the point they are dripping). Lay them across the entire panel. Leave it on for about 5-6 hours. Peel the corner up and remove slowly.
Pictures http://imgur.com/gallery/ydO7y

Here’s a few close-up pictures of the scratch (from different angles).

1 of 3 (From the Front) This is close to what it looks like with your own eyes

2 of 3 (From the Side) Colors altered and enhanced to highlight the scratch


3 of 3 (From Below) Looks like the pixels are fine


Appreciate any insight, information or suggestions!

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