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Disassembly may be different, but the process is pretty much the same and hasn't changed in years:

[Guide] How to remove the anti-glare(AG) coating from a Dell U2312HM LCD

Before you proceed though, you might want to read this other thread (if you haven't already):

I removed the anti-glare matte coating from two of my monitors.

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I've done this to 8 monitors with different results.. TN and PLS panels can have the AG removed without the polarizer getting an issue called "Graining" where the polarizing film starts cracking or splitting in fine strands from merely cleaning it with a damp rag. Every TN and PLS panel I did worked out perfectly, however, every IPS panel such as AH-VA, the polarizer would start cracking and splitting after gently cleaning it. This is strange because why do high-end IPS panels grain up but lower end PLS and TN don't grain at all? Luckily HP released a 32 inch glossy IPS 4K called the HP Spectre 32. It is an amazing monitor. I got mine on sale for $500. It uses the same panel as the BenQ 3201PT. Any IPS panel I did would grain almost instantly after removing the film but TN and PLS, no issues, even after very aggressive cleaning. So I settled on the Spectre 32 and have a 1440p 144hz TN strictly for gaming that I dematted without any issues.

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