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Hi all,

Looking to get a new 27" 144hz 1440p monitor.

Have seen the MSI Optix range and can get a good deal (UK £) on them.
Looking at the MAG27CQ and the newer and more expensive MPG27CQ. Both VA panels.
The MAG27CQ has 250cd/m2 and the MPG27CQ have 400cd/m2 brightness.
Both say 1ms (MPRT) so I presume some form of strobing involved?

I think the MPG is newer and has extras like USB hub and RGB Steel Series Lights etc. Both a bonus but not a deal breaker at all.

Two things I'm really interested in, will there be a difference in the quality of the panels as one is showing brighter than the other or does it not work that way.
I also think the MPG has better anti blur but that's the bit I don't know about so any help with that between the two models would be much welcomed

In essence, if it has a better panel, is the MPG worth almost £100 more than the MAG?


Many thanks

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