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Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoodz View Post
As for X6's.... Their are several X4 960T's on Ebay for less than $50. A lot of them will unlock to a 1600T X6. Nearly all are amazing overclockers as the node was perfected over time and they were some of the last Zosma's made.
Nice - will initially aim for the same clock speed/setup as the X4 eg 19x215 and see what sort of score that posts on Firestrike as a direct comparison between X4 and X6 - looks like the highest score on Firestrike with the X6 1090T is current 10,044, so around 400 points higher than my run.

As a comparison between the 2 top scores for the X6 1090T and my run it would seem that I am ahead in terms of graphic scores with them being ahead (predictably) with the physics scores due to a better CPU.


Using their scores for physics and my scores for graphics, here is my prediction/aim for my new X6 setup, plugging my figures into the below calculator:


Best X4 score = 9,663
Current best X6 1090T score (with an 8GB card) = 10,044
Prediction for my X6 setup with best of both using the calculator = 10,526

I might look to try and learn about RAM timings and look to tighten those up to see if it makes a difference, I think the Corsair XMP3 might have a more aggressive timings I might be able to manually input - I don't have an option in my BIOS to enable them.

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