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Quote: Originally Posted by Mrzev View Post
I disagree. With the BSD-3 , they basically let the engines incorporate whatever they want from it. So, Nvidia is not gonna make any more money on it, only way people will know if it was even used was if they saw the comment in whatever library it was merged into. Also, at the same time, Havok could also incorporate some ideas and perhaps algorithms from this as well. Making it open source like this, is really nice of a company to do. They don't want to invest more resources into, and instead of throwing it away like most companies do, they are giving it to the community to build upon.
but that's exactly the point, Nvidia can't make money out of it anymore that's WHY is going open source, why you think Havok is use in every video game console and Windows as Linux as well

I'm not saying that it can't be put to good use but rather how and when is Physx is going open source, why don't they make G-sync open source?

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