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Quote: Originally Posted by Ricwin View Post
Edge will go down in history as another Folly of Microsoft. Immortalised for generations along side Vista, the Zune and Windows 8.
Vista was a fine OS, at worst it was a beta version of 7 but still all in all mostly like Windows 7, really not much it couldn't do that Windows 7 could when they were running side by side throughout the prime life cycle of both those OS's.

90% of the complaints would fall in two camps, people that were experiencing slow lagged up machines because Vista was actually a lot more resource intensive than anything else at the time. Microsoft/OEM's caused that one by shipping every bottom of the barrel e-machines desktop with 512mb of ram as Vista upgrade ready and horrendously underrating the minimum required specs. Last was people being "annoyed" by the UAC pop-ups. This was actually a huge step forward at the time seeing as every other OS built for security has a tight UAC/permission model like that. The people that didn't like it were idiot Winduh's users still running their desktop in admin mode for everything like it's 1995, the same guys that likely still do and get owned when they download an exe/bat off a torrent.

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