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Quote: Originally Posted by christoph View Post
but that's exactly the point, Nvidia can't make money out of it anymore that's WHY is going open source, why you think Havok is use in every video game console and Windows as Linux as well

I'm not saying that it can't be put to good use but rather how and when is Physx is going open source, why don't they make G-sync open source?
Every game made in Unreal Engine 3 and 4 and Unity use PhysX, it's baked into the engine and PhysX is the whole package, CPU physics, animation, accelerated hard and soft body simulation, particle simulation, fluids, etc. Nvidia still has a ton of money to make considering they have their product in the 2 most popular engines in the world but they're open sourcing it instead. It's better and bigger contribution than any of the broken junk other hardware companies have churned out and abandoned since it's just open source.

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