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Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
I don't quite understand the new naming scheme. I see the gpu division trying to get some of the cpu glow with the 3xxx, but this also closely matches nvidias lineup. RTX 2070 vs RX 3070?
It's most likely deliberate. Likely a sort of "in your face" to nVidia's GPP. Honestly, I thought RTX was too similar to RX already. Maybe nVidia wanted to make the RX cards obscure. RX can be seen as an inferior RTX, if one knows nothing of GPUs. But now AMD stings back with naming their cards 3000 over 2000. And if nVidia comes with its successor to the current cards, naming them RTX 3000 will make things extremely confusing, which is probably an advantage for AMD, because nVidia has too much mind share.

Everyone does this btw... Intel with its B360 over AMD's B350 is another example. This business is quite dirty in terms of naming schemes.
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