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Quote: Originally Posted by CallsignVega View Post
Let us know how it turns out.

The Result!

The removed matte coating.

Peeled it up with a sharp knife carefully, it was very very thin, even though this specific monitor is known for having a heavy matte coating.

Soaked a few sheets (regular paper towel) and placed em right on the screen, then a second layer, every hour for 5 hours I soaked my hand in water and placed my hand on each sheet to keep them wet, not dripping just wet, it was very easy to peel the coating off after that, I've read you can usually do it after just 2 hours, but just to be safe I kept going the full 5 hours. I also waited about 16 hours before re-assembly of the monitor (left it to dry over night as I was in no rush).

The latches on the screen.

The latches on the screen frame (attaches to the screen above).

The latches on the plastic back cover (attaches to the screen frame above).

The frame attached to the screen, now both the screen and frame will latch on to the back cover.

Four of these had to be removed, two at the top and one each side, to allow for a tool to fit in between the screen and frame (to separate them from each other).

This was the first and last step, a simple screw at the bottom that goes into the screen frame. The only other tool used was a knife, it left no marks what so ever on the frame or back cover, very easy to disassemble!

These horizontal lines are NOT caused by the camera! I believe (a guess) it is the polarizer film, looks like waves, they are only visible when viewing the pixels (screen) from an angle (Look at the bottom right corner, there are no visible lines), they are also mostly just visible during bright and smooth scenes (Look at the top left corner, very visible in the blurry background), difficult to notice in games where it's displaying a texture (Look at the character, his clothes and armor, pretty much can't see any lines) and that goes for movies as well, for example displaying a smooth bright sky they are visible, but again, only from an angle (they show up in all 4 corners as you're sitting in front of the monitor looking at the center of it, as the edges will be at an angle, personally I'm not really bothered by them, maybe don't do professional work on the monitor (it's a gaming monitor after all).

So that is the obvious downside to removing the coating. Upside is that without the coating it looks amazing, super sharp and clear! Also not had any issues with the monitor being very reflective, in a dimly lit room there's no reflection at all, I expected it to be much worse, as long as it's not a bright room I feel like there's no difference from the coating being on, which surprised me.

And something I was worried about was cleaning it after (polarizer film instead of anti-glare coating), wiped a few times on it with a microfiber cloth and it seems to work exactly the same as on the coating, no scratches and gets the dust off and so on.

Difficulty: 1/5 (Very Easy, Two Tools)
Risk: 3/5 (Patience is Key!)
Time: 2/5 (Fast, Few Hours)

Looks very sharp and clear.

Horizontal lines (Waves) in all corners of the screen when sitting straight in front of it (~65cm).

Would I do it if I bought this monitor new today? Probably not, because it is a serious gaming monitor with G-Sync and 165Hz, if you own one today and is tempted to do this I'd recommend you sell it to a gamer who don't care about crystal clear image quality, and buy yourself a VA panel with light coating instead!

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