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Modding the NVLink Bridge

I decided to go ahead and paint the NVLink bridge the same red as the fan blades. I figured the worst case scenario if I really didn’t like how it looks, I could always buy another bridge.

Here’s a look at the back side, there’s five screws holding it together.

Since this is a reverse ATX build the little “EVGA” logo in the center would be upside down, so I’ll be taking care of that as well.

Take the five screws out to remove the back cover.

The circuit board assembly lifts right out. I considered cutting the little plastic rivet head looking things off to remove the lighting panels and then gluing it back together, but decided against that.

Here’s the back side of the circuit board. You can see the three little LEDs that illuminate the “EVGA” logo.

I decided to just mask off the little lighting panels.

I scuffed the smooth areas on the corners of the bridge, the little insets above and below the logo, as well as the “EVGA” logo itself. I’m going to paint right over that logo!

On the back side I put the center screw in so I had something to hang the bridge from, and then masked off the back just to keep the over spray off.

It was raining here for almost a week, but I got lucky with a beautiful clear, calm day with the temperatures in the low 60s F. I used the same spray paint I used on the fan blades Rust-Oleum Gloss Apple Red. I painted this in my back yard with three light coats, and then hung it in my work shop to dry.

I let it dry for a week before touching it! I’ve used this spray paint several times before and I have found that even after three days it still feels soft, and can leave finger prints in the paint!

The can states 7 days for full cure on plastic. Must be patient

The inside center has a plastic window to illuminate the “EVGA” logo.

With the Precision X1 software you are supposed to be able to turn the lighting off for the “EVGA” logo. Since I have not used that software yet, I’m not sure how much control over the lighting of the bridge I will actually have.

To keep any light bleed from the other LEDs from reaching this middle window, I simply cover it with two pieces of electrical tape.

Masking tape removed and the NVLink bridge all put back together now.

Of course we have to see how it looks installed.

I think it looks pretty good. It will look different once the waterblocks are installed on the video cards, and there is coolant in the system. It is certainly not something you will see very often in other builds, and like I said I can always revert back to a stock one easily if I ever decide too.

Up next is making the video card power cables.

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