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Quote: Originally Posted by huzzug View Post
I've done just that. The PfSense is a server that's running in a Vbox. The system which has the Vbox is connected to the internet with a mobile router. I've set OVPN server in PfSense as well as set DynamicDNS server side. All I'm doing client side is installing the OVPN settings installation in windows that was exported from server.

both your client and server configs list the IP of the server. You cannot just export a config and be done, you have to manually do your configuration file and specify dynamic DNS server that hosts your stuff. You will also have to wait for that dns server to be updated with your new IP every time you move before anything will work. Even then, Im not positive you can even do such a thing. I dont know if the VPN connections will let you look up a DNS because of a possible security issue that has with it.

You are trying to set up a VPN in the opposite way it was intended. The server is supposed to be stationary/on a network itself like in an office building, and then the clients move around the world and connect in over a secure tunnel.

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