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Quote: Originally Posted by tsamolotoff View Post
Do they even test their major releases on non-reference vegas? Now it's impossible to change temp target, max fan rpm is locked at 1500 (half what my nitro can do), fan does not stop if you try to fix the previous issue with a custom fan curve, Auto OC is laughable - it gives less frequency as compared to undervolting (which is probably nice for people who can't bother with figuring out optimum with ntool or wattman itself). I hope they'll fix it soon, rolled back to 18.11.2. NGG fastpath and DSBR still seem to be disabled - I got paltry extra 200 points in the Firestrike normal (25000-> 25200)
If your using OverdriveNtool you will run into the same issue I have. Tbh I haven't tested any of the other features and will be rolling back to 18.11.2 also. The drivers are pretty much a bust atm.

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