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Quote: Originally Posted by Takla View Post
Auto Overclock and Auto Undervolt is Vega only. (Undervolt dosen't even work properly, it keeps memory underclocked even when 3D load is 99%) Also, auto-oc can't be used with auto-uv. Its either or. Another thing, the new fan curve is complete ****e. 0 rpm no longer works, causing the fans to permanently be on. The fan curve itself has too many temp steps which you can't delete, and you can't even set it to 0% fan speed (minimum varies by model, my minimum is 18%). The new memory timing settings do work though. Level 1 offers looser timings, allowing higher clocks on the memory. Level 2 is tighter but will offer the best performance if you can also achieve a high memory clock on top.

I rolled back my drivers. this release is quite the trainwreck. 2/10 for trying.
Yup. Fan curve sucks and my fans are on always on also. The new overlay is nice btw. I change stuff in games!
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