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I have posted this elsewhere but also posting here for anyone interested.


I am still playing around with the monitor and so far I am pleased with my purchase. I think I have a good panel and there are no apparent issues so far.

1) There are no green, pink, blue, magenta or any other tints on any part of the screen when projecting a full screen white background. Pure white.
2) Not any serious bleeding or clouding and very decent blacks for an IPS panel.
3) No serious issues with uniformity with the worst being 13% top right corner on a 5X5 grid. DisplayCal "Nominal Tolerance" achieved and still playing with calibration profiles to see what is best.

4) I have no issues with Palette Master software & i1Display Pro (which is X-Rites custom version for BenQ). It works although not the richest in features.

In short I am keeping it and not going to risk returning it since for my scope of work it works great. I am not doing color critical Photo Editing and I mostly care about AdobeRGB coverage so that I know how some of my projects are going to look when printed. So I really don't mind even for some less than ideal uniformity or I would head straight for a NEC or EIZO at double the price. Still, my panel looks good and I can't see anything wrong on full white, full gray or full black backgrounds.

I also got an Epson L1800 A3+ printer with the SW320 and I am glad to say that without having printer calibration equipment I am still able to match the colors on screen with the printers outpout close enough.

================================================== ================================================== ====================================

Now my experience with 4K was zero and I have to say that it was a revelation coming from a 1080p screen after my 30" 2560X1600 panel died (twice) several months ago. I just can't get enough of how crisp everything looks and how easy it is to read even smaller fonts now. I begun with 150% scaling because I was shocked but I am already at 125% at a viewing distance of 70cm and I am comfortable.

I also tried it with games and of course I was pleasantly surprised since it was also a bit step-up from 1080p. It's 60Hz of course but I don't care as I also don't game much anyway. I really enjoy the graphics though and how detailed and crisp everything looks. Framerates is not an issue since after 10 years without gaming I have a huge backlog of relatively old titles (2013-2016) that play great on my overclocked + watercooled Asus Strix 1080Ti OC (2063/12100).

My only problem now is that I have a secondary 24" 1080p screen and things ain't that nice there now. I have some issues with windows scaling on the second display that leads me to believe that having two different resolutions is not ideal.

The next step is to get a second 32" 4K monitor (tuned for contrast) so that I can have equal resolution on both and avoid scaling issues. The final plan is to have 2X 32" 4K displays and a 3rd 1080p just to be able to check what many people see. I might do the latter on a second PC though as well.

For more "serious" gaming, since I am building a dedicated gaming machine based on a 9900K or the upcoming Ryzens (if good) I will resort to a 4K TV + Gaming monitor there and be done with it. This PC will be placed in an adjacent playroom to my "man-cave/home-office" so that my kids or all of us in the family can get the most of it as well. And this concludes my experience so far with the BenQ SW320.

A word of caution though! Panel lottery is intense with this monitor and you might have to return several units before you get a decent panel. Read the reviews and buy from a store with good return policy.

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