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Quote: Originally Posted by reqq View Post
wow^, couldnt live with 100%. Found my max at 2100 rpm and actually got it boosting consistently around 1510-1540 at 1020mV, my cpu is actually limiting me in BFV now lol. I saw boost at 1607 but it needs that fan pumped up at 3000 rpm or more, its cool but i want keep my ears
Man 2100rpm is low, I have the same card and run it around 3000-3300rpm (1652mhz/1050mv P7) in more demanding games like BF5 and BlackOps4. I ended up replacing the TiM with Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut and also replaced the VRM pad with Thermal Grizzly minus Pad 8 3mm and that has dropped temps a lot.

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