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Quote: Originally Posted by Hunched View Post
Because you can choose to donate to them in the form of mining crypto?
I remember when I came to these forums because the people seemed smarter
It's the fact that they'd rather do stuff like that than fix the problems their products have. Mainly with their gaming mice, which have terrible QC. I once returned 3 DeathAdder Chromas to them, all dead-on-arrival or defective within days to weeks. Their customer service is questionable, and I've seen several cases of people's bad experiences with them, as did I; they tried to tell me it was somehow my fault. T_T That, and their software was always a RAM hog, and how some of their mice have no on-board memory, so they need the software open to have use of some or all of the features of the mouse. For the price, there's companies that make better mice, keyboards, laptops, etc.

Edit: That, and the fact that using their miner for hours a day on a regular basis would net you less "money" to buy their products than it costs you in electricity to run their software. Someone posted on their twitter that at the rates they're talking, it would take over a year to get enough for a keyboard, that is, if their currency didn't reset to 0 yearly. If they care about the consumer at all, they'd at least make it so you could earn a decent amount over time, but this is obviously just a ploy to get more and more money from unsuspecting customers.

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