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Quote: Originally Posted by bking4266 View Post
Just to add, I was curious to try it. I know, I'm an idiot. In the two hours I've had it running, I haven't earned ANY silver at all. I'm using an EVGA RTX 2070 and R5 2600X. You'd think with them throwing that 500 silver/day number around, I'd have something by now. Then again, they do say "up to 500".

They mention "If you have the proper setup". Now, mining rigs usually have motherboards with seven PCIe slots and a GPU in each one of them, so what exactly is a proper setup to get "approximately 500 Razer Silver or more within a day"?

Is it one, two or seven RX 480's / Vega 56's / 2080 Ti's?

The fact that they didn't mention what kind of setup you actually need to mine 500 units is disingenuous to say the least.

Razer is the same company that sells premium mice that a few years ago 'couldn't afford' to put a few kilobytes of flash storage on board their mice to store profiles, instead forcing people to create an on-line account to activate their mice's premium functionality - yes, you read that right, the functions you bought the mouse for in the first place instead of any plug and play $10 basic mouse - because the profiles were primarily stored on the cloud (you could get an off-line option only after you registered on-line) - and of course, their software was always on-line and of course they took the opportunity to siphon data from your PC, as it's deemed 'normal' nowadays in this telemetry ridden dystopia (see link below). It was only after the consumer backlash that they provided an off-line profile storage option without having to create an on-line account and upload the profiles from the get-go.


So, I'm not surprised by this latest news.

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