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There is something else about it that is weird and makes me question whether they are using people's GPUs solely for mining or also for other tasks like streaming / transcoding, which may put users in legal hot water if the streamed / transcoded content is not legal.

Certain parts of the FAQ and Terms & Conditions below seem to indicate that latency, Internet connection stability and speed to a certain destination is a big factor in the equation:


What should I do to earn the most Razer Silver from SoftMiner?

Ensure that you have/do the following:

1. A good internet connection, preferably using a wired connection
How much Razer Silver can I earn within 24 hours?

That depends, as there is no cap on the Razer Silver earned. The combination of location, amount of time and the GPU of your gaming setup will contribute to your daily Razer Silver earned. If you have the proper setup, you can earn approximately 500 Razer Silver or more within a day!
I am earning Razer Silver slower on certain occasions. What should I do?

There may either be a high volume of users who are using the software at the same time or your internet connection is unstable.

We recommend you to relaunch the software another time and with a consistent internet connection.
9. The amount of Razer Silver earned will vary, depending on the computer’s GPU and setup. Factors include: stability and strength of internet connection.

Bold for emphasis.

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