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Hybrid cooing a 1080 Ti with pump off?

I have a plan to watercool a Zotac 1080 Ti Mini with a "DIY" hybrid cooling, similar to NZXT G12 Kraken - I have a Swiftech H220-X available.

Right now my computer is really silent when idle / light use - and that is most of the time - all the chassis fans stop, graphic card has bios changed so it has zero fan mode. I would like to water cool a graphic card because Zotac 1080 Ti Mini has really quite crappy cooler, it is loud when gaming and it still throttles due to heat. But I'm not too excited to listen to pump chugging all day long when it doesn't even need to - but Swiftech H220-X doesn't really support powering off the pump via PWM signal - if there is no signal, the pump is at 100%, PWM controls it in 1200 ~ 3000 RPM range. It is very quiet at minimum pump speed, but still audible in my quiet room and extremely quiet computer.

Is it really a bad idea to wire a switch to pump leads and simply keep it off when not gaming?

- I can imagine constantly powering it on and off isn't good for the pump, but I will keep this to a minimum.
- Can the switched off AIO keep the idle 1080 Ti cool enough? There will still be a 92mm fan, wired to GPU and controlled via Afterburner curve for cooling VRM and memory modules.
- I imagine accidentally forgetting to switch the pump on and starting a game or a benchmark could potentially destroy the graphics card by overheating it very quickly.

What do you say? Anyone has any experience with this?
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