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Quote: Originally Posted by Slaughtahouse View Post
Razer has got some serious balls to pull of a stunt like this. Lets break it down...

They want you to:

• Buy their products
• Download and run their software which;
• Uses your hardware, at the owners expense (wear / tear & electricity bills) that;
• Generates additional profit for Razer and in exchange they will give you;
• Currency which is only applicable for their products at a rate which you will never be able to actually obtain anything

Shove it back where it belongs.

And others might argue "It's optional". You don't have to download this if you don't want to.

The issue here is that one day, this will probably be automatically running in the background. Sure... it's optional now but for all you know, they're already doing this.

The first comments in this thread already stir doubt... and for good reason.
Well put. The optics on this couldn't be more terrible.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hunched View Post
So they released a completely optional program literally called SoftMiner without trying to sneak or hide anything and people are upset because?
I wouldn't want to be in business with any of you guys if you decided letting people choose to give us free money is a bad idea.
And no this isn't comparable to some form of predatory in-game microtransactions so you can stop right there.
It is a bit audacious to ask your users to participate in a mining program in the first place. Razer is a legitimate company with real products. This smacks of dark web, shady junk that I don't want to have to consider when I pay 80$ for a mouse that is already marked up 100%.

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