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I haven't really felt the need for faster internet. I mean more is always better but for the price, why bother?

I have 25 down/10 up ADSL line, every page loads fast/instantly, never have any issues streaming anything from any of the typical websites, everything auto plays and goes without effort even at max res like 4k.

There's downloads but half the time you're limited by the server and even if you did have some crazy gigabit internet you still wouldn't be able to utilize it's full potential so it would be mostly a waste. 25/10 is also around the max most VPN's support so if I had anything faster I would have to run naked if I wanted to take advantage of it.

My usenet downloads are automated anyway so all the "Linux Distros" are downloading when I'm away or sleeping so everything is already there on the computer when I get back, never been an issue. I run an FTP server and a mail server on my residential line, there's never any issues; people can complete a 10gb download off me in 20 minutes or so. EDIT: The math on that last one makes no sense but I checked my server logs and yea client/server completed the download in 19 minutes, so maybe my ISP is messed up and somehow gave me more upload.

So yea why do I need better internet exactly? I mean if it's free yea sure why not but I don't seem to have any incentive right now. Thing to note is that this is an internet connection for me and me only, if I had 3 kids streaming stuff off tablets, Playstations, 4 phones on the wifi and other stuff it might be different.

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