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Quote: Originally Posted by VicsPC View Post
I beg to differ, i moved to France from the US where i had coax 100/10 and it was very unreliable, i now have 1000/350 for a third or so of what i paid in the US and this includes a mobile 4g plan with 30gb of data. Steam is usually the slowest but i can get 110MB/s on uplay and origin without issues, games download pretty much in under an hr where before it would take me 8+. Sure for regular people it's not worth upgrading if they charge an arm and a leg, here it's the same price, free installation and 50€ activation fee.
What I meant though is how much better is that internet really? Is it really worth it? Does it really make that much of a difference in terms of usability? Is there something you can do that I can't (something that matters anyway some theoretical anecdote 1%'er situation doesn't really matter) and I am complete debilitated if I tried to do the same thing. Really how often to you download a game and need to play it right there and then and can't wait or schedule the download overnight. Considering it would cost like $200 a month here for a plan like that is it really worth it?

Quote: Originally Posted by SoloCamo View Post
If you haven't actually experienced faster speeds it's hard to understand. I have 450 down / 25 up (that ratio is ridiculous) and couldn't imagine going back to 200, let alone 100mbps or under.
I think I have a pretty advanced/unique setup running servers and all and like I said don't really see how much better it could be, wouldn't be worth a 200% cost increase that's for sure. What does one need to do to be amazed like that with faster internet.

Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
You pretty much agreed with them.
What VPN do you use that supports those speeds?
Don't get that first part. As for the VPN's, in order of speed. IP Vanish, Vypr & Mullvad. IP Vanish was the fastest but they got busted for logging so I wont be renewing with them. Vypr gets pretty close to my max depending on the server, really 25/10 is really 23/9 and Vypr gets me around that.

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