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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
I know my rural Comcast connection is nothing special but dayum, I was d/ling all the seasons of some anime last night (like 36 GB) and was shocked at how fast it was going! I got around 20 MB's per second and had the whole thing in less than half an hour! I rarely pay attention to my d/l speeds as I usually just queue crap to d/l and then leave the computer to it for later, but I was actually waiting to watch it so I hung around for a bit. I dunno, I feel like my mind is still stuck in the mindset of the 2000's where a song would take 10 min to d/l, so the reality that my $70/mo connection now gets me literally over a hundred HOURS of HD video in 30 min is crazy to me!

Eh, nvm, I'm just rambling at this point...

(EDIT - Just realized the episodes are only 480p so not HD, but still look OK)

I know the feeling. This thread made me think back a bit of when I was on dial-up using American Online trials that came in the mail or downloading a file and watching it at peak at 6 kbps lol.

I've always paid about $50-60 a month for internet, it's crazy how I was on 56K and have gone to 500 Mbps for roughly the same amount over the years. Google Fiber is just out of my reach locally and is $70 a month for 1 Gbps.

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