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Quote: Originally Posted by ITAngel View Post
I finally forced it last night to run under Vega Frontier Edition 16GB Graphic Card. What I did was installed the lower regular end 17 version professional drivers and then do the gaming mode drivers 18.8.1 if I recall. Once I did that upgrade from there to the 18.12.2 gaming drivers. I end up needed to do a clean driver installed because it was being odd about running the Radeon setting menu window. Eventually the system took it and was happy. I would advice not to give up to anyone having issues installing these drivers because your GPU should be able to run it. I did use the AMD Clean utility from within the driver folder to make all this happen as well but you can use other tools like DDU. I was surprise it worked because originally the GPU software doesn't see anything beyond 18.8.1 on my end. Keep in mind this is also a Vega Frontier Edition that is water-cooled and flashed to the Liquid Cool version of the card with a clock of 1700MHz as max over the 1600MHz on the air edition one.

Not sure why i never had issue just installing over the old. I never use DDU. Just run the driver in Windows. I had AMD driver 17.7 before this. I installed 17.7 over an nVidia driver, too, before that.

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