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Quote: Originally Posted by xJumper View Post
What I meant though is how much better is that internet really? Is it really worth it? Does it really make that much of a difference in terms of usability? Is there something you can do that I can't (something that matters anyway some theoretical anecdote 1%'er situation doesn't really matter) and I am complete debilitated if I tried to do the same thing. Really how often to you download a game and need to play it right there and then and can't wait or schedule the download overnight. Considering it would cost like $200 a month here for a plan like that is it really worth it?

I think I have a pretty advanced/unique setup running servers and all and like I said don't really see how much better it could be, wouldn't be worth a 200% cost increase that's for sure. What does one need to do to be amazed like that with faster internet.

Don't get that first part. As for the VPN's, in order of speed. IP Vanish, Vypr & Mullvad. IP Vanish was the fastest but they got busted for logging so I wont be renewing with them. Vypr gets pretty close to my max depending on the server, really 25/10 is really 23/9 and Vypr gets me around that.

Well i write gaming reviews so being able to download em and play em right away is nice, especially when the key gets sent a couple hours before a game release instead of a couple days. I came from 12/1 to now 950/300. . When there's 3 PCs in the house and one mac that iclouds pretty much constantly, it went from not being able to game online at all because of rubber banding, to having MUCH lower ping, went from 60-80ms to 9ms, not only that, skype quality also became much better. For us here in France the price was IDENTICAL between adsl and fiber so upgrade worth the price, we paid for 300/200 then a year later our ISP changed its plans and speeds so we ended up getting the speed i posted above.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kimir View Post
I recently got fiber (890Mbps/370Mbps average on speedtest for 1Gb/400Mb theoretical speed), coming from 6Mbps... Now even the 100Mbps at work feel slow.
But because I'm not in the U.S., it all came with marginal cost increase.
Same here, went from bouygues ADSL to Orange fibre and i could never go back.

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