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Quote: Originally Posted by battlenut View Post
Damn, some of these speeds are ridiculous. I thought mine was fast. I pay $149.00 a month but have no cap. Dreading moving back to the states after I retire. stupid download caps and insane prices for so little.
Yea that's crazy, our price is around 68€ so probably something like 77$ in todays exchange rate, with that you get a max of 1gbps/300mbps, depending on the time of day i can get anywhere between 700-950 down and the 300 is always constant. Also get TV with a few UHD channels, landline with free calls to france, canada/us and so on. On top of that i get a mobile 4g plan with 30gb of data. In the US i was paying 180$ for 100/10 and vastly unreliable and that's without the mobile, that was another 70+ or wtv verizon charged at the time. It's still shocking to me how much the US charges especially for higher speeds and no cap, theres countries in Europe that are even cheaper then that, people in Romania pay around 24$ a month for ISP service, assuming that includes tv and landline as well.

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