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LoL I am either extremely lucky or blind....and yes I found many discussions on this monitor and spent a lot of time reading other people's bad experiences but also came across good ones.

I just shot full screen RED / GREEN / BLUE / WHITE through Illustrator's CC2019 "Presentaion mode" and can't see any color shifting unless I go . I have it calibrated at D65 - L120 - Native Primaries through Palette Master (which I had 0 issues with).
To my surprise I am getting pretty consistent colors on my Epson L1800 print outs from PDFs produced with InDesign & Illustrator (Color Synced through Adobe Bridge).

What can I say, I was really worried until I was able to see it but as I said it suits my needs perfectly and even my eyes feel much better with it after prolonged use. I am also using the hood that comes with it and it is a really nice addition.

Yet, I used the i1-Display pro to calibrate my second monitor which is nothing special just a Samsung S24SC750 that I had sitting unused at the office and I also get almost consistent sRGB colors with the SW320.

My main problem is that I want a second 32" 4K monitor now since I can't stand how much better the SW320 looks compared to the 24" Samsung. I am going to budget one for sometime in 2019 since the real estate and clarity I am getting has improved my productivity. For the second 4K monitor I will probably target something excelling in contrast and maybe HDR if something decent comes out next year. Otherwise I might get something like an LG UD59 just for the extra desktop space and then use somewhere else at the office when something decent in that regard comes out.

Just one more note : I can't test 10bit color in Adobe Applications with the 1080Ti but I intend to get a used Quadro sometime in the future and put it in my secondary PC and test it through that. Not a priority though.

This is the one and only unit I've received - and did not go through returns.

*EDIT #2**

I run some more color shifting tests, EIZO monitor tests and well no color shifting, no tints.

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