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I also have an ASUS PG278Q and I have already read and read some reports on this topic regarding removal of the AG Coating. But I have no experience in this field and therefore I just do not dare to take this step and remove the coating! Is there actually another way, except with wet towels or towels, to remove this AG foil? What exactly is actually caused by the water, so that a kind of glue between the polarizing film and the AG film is solved, or what exactly should the moisture cause?

Is this AG film actually water permeable? Seems to be so, if this film can be peeled off after hours, if you keep this damp, I actually thought that this AG foil should prevent exactly that to protect the monitor from any external influences? Sorry for my maybe stupid questions, but I'm just trying to understand what exactly happens when you keep the display wet.

What really worries me about the removal of the AG film is that it damages the polarizing film and in the worst case the monitor is no longer useful! Do you think that it is possible to remove the AG Coating so that you can not see these waves you described after the removal, perhaps by keeping the monitor wet longer with the towels?

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