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I think as you said that more competition is finally making the companies finally move a bit. Here in suburban southeast MI, Comcast offered two more tiers of plans (something akin to Blast+) where it's 250/24, or 400/24 up for $10 more each, per plan per month respectively. So I think we're up to paying something like $80/mo., but this is a far better speed than the previous 100/12 I was getting. I could get faster download but don't see the point yet, or pay $30 extra a month for barely any more upload. But as someone who does tons of game recording / streaming, wedding work, and data sharing, upload is very important to me. Going from 12 up to 24 up is huge for me, but Comcast is still data-capping their gigabit plan and all other plans below it which is just stupid. Sure I could get business for like $130 a month, but take a speed hit back to 125/12 or something but lose the data cap. I've hit it a couple times easily. So it's just odd in that you can't win. *shakes head*

Meanwhile my friend in Pittsburgh is stuck on 100/12 and doesn't even get the intermediate options for some reason.

And then you still have the rest of the world offering amazing connections at pennies. Ah oh well.

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