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Quote: Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post
But parents are liable and accountable just like they always were, the law doesn't change one iota about that, you still seem to be putting words and intentions in the law that simply aren't there and with that you're making a big deal out of nothing. If a future law becomes intrusive or nanny state like, then I'll agree with you, but this is just providing information that the parents are 100% free to do what they want with it, including nothing, and said information could have been accomplished with a single sentence on a single monthly bill if it weren't for this particular ISP to mess it up due to their commercial interests in the specific Norton package offer.

Fair enough.

Although your first sentence shows me how dire this issue truly is.

A couple of things have become clear to me; that there does not seem to be a way for me to articulate my thought process in a manner you can understand, and that OCN is not the correct forum for me to attempt to pursue clarity.

I pass the Conch to you for any final words as I am finished with this.


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