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Quote: Originally Posted by 7thOmen View Post
Why are 'we' mad at CenturyTel? Why are 'we' NOT mad at the fact that there needs to be another law that reduces and/or replaces parents responsibilities? How about we take accountability for our own actions instead of allowing the creation of some nanny state?

"Uncle Sam, mah kids found teh pron! Oh, heavens me, please do somethin' so I don't have to and let me get back to my self-centered life, puhleeease!"


More ludicrous still is the fear of sex in the first place. Violent or degrading porn is one thing, but what way do teenagers need to be protected from graphic sex?

Quote: Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post
But parents are liable and accountable just like they always were, the law doesn't change one iota about that, you still seem to be putting words and intentions in the law that simply aren't there and with that you're making a big deal out of nothing. If a future law becomes intrusive or nanny state like, then I'll agree with you, but this is just providing information that the parents are 100% free to do what they want with it, including nothing, and said information could have been accomplished with a single sentence on a single monthly bill if it weren't for this particular ISP to mess it up due to their commercial interests in the specific Norton package offer.
It's a legislative bazooka to tackle what is objectively a non issue. There is already software available to filter internet content on a local network, that would be just as ineffective and silly as what the ISP is offering here.

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