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Recommendations for monitor upgrade

These are the monitors that I am running. Yup, they are all different, as I just bought them as they had come on sale...

1 @ 24" 1080p Acer GN246HL don't do much on this monitor, have monitor programs open on it, also use it for viewing folders and windows photo viewer (Win 7)
1 @ 24" 1080p BenQ G2420HD [monitor for watching Youtube/video's], this was my main monitor until I bought the 23"
1 @ 23" 1080p (Acer S230HL) <- This is my main monitor that I do most of my web browsing, word documents, etc...

I have it setup so when I run a game it only uses the main monitor. Sometimes if I am watching a full screen movie on my left monitor and browsing the net on my main monitor my third monitor will flash for a second every once in a while, like it has lost signal. I have also noticed the the Acer GN246HL is the slowest to come on after waking up. Eventually I would like to replace all three monitors with just one model.

Looking for some recommendations on updating my monitors. I would still like to keep 3 monitors. Most of the material I view is all at 1080p so I don't know if it would be worth it to upgrade to 27" 1440p monitors. I was thinking maybe just upgrade all 3 to 24" 1080p of the same monitor/refresh rate! I will be upgrading my video card probably to an AMD RX 580 8GB, if that makes any difference.

*edit* I am in Canada and would like to stick to around $300/monitor if possible

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