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I'd highly recommend using OverclockNtool instead of wattman. Setup a profile that disables all pstates except p7 / p3 and undervolt overclock from there. It will be as steady as you're ever going to get it. When out of the game just reset back to factory.
Thats a terrible way to do it, which i do not recommend. Disabling the other states is always bringing problems. Wattman actually is way better than such annoying tools.
It's the only way I've been gaming with my vega 64. Holds the most steady clock speed. Never any fluctuation with hbm speed. 1670/ 1150 @ 1050mv no stability issues. If you haven't tried it like that then why hate? It doesn't cause any issues. Come out of the game hit reset. Takes 1 literal second lol.

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