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Quote: Originally Posted by gerardfraser View Post
I do not own this board but I would first try this.
Set all settings to auto in BIOS then go to
Advanced/AMD CBS/NBIO Common Options/Precision Boost Overdrive Configuration/Accepted and select Enable for Precision Boost Overdrive.
Save and restart machine and in light loads CPU will reach 4350Mhz on some threads and heavy loads CPU will vary depending on heat/voltage.

After you got that I would suggest CPU offset voltage EG: start with (-0.05) and test until you fine stable clocks with lower CPU voltage.

I just google off set for the board and this is what I got over on reddit.
Most people undervolt -0.075 via the offset and use Core Enhancer level 2 to get 4.15 all core and 4.35 single core for gaming FPS
Okay thank you! I'll look for this setting, do you know if people generally get lower temps this way of overclocking?
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