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Quote: Originally Posted by xJumper View Post
So how exactly did they do this? Some kind of DNS proxy setup in their router/modem package? All the more reason to not use ISP provided hardware.

My ISP had something like that setup so I had to agree to a bunch of terms and stuff before I could use the internet, I just VPN'ed past their DNS proxy and was able to use the net for like a month until I found the time to read it all, agree and sign.
They don't need any hardware on your end of the connection. They control the hardware your router plugs into so of course they can do whatever they want to your traffic, no matter what hardware you use at home.

This blocks the VPN as well, they cannot spy on or inject data into the VPN traffic but your VPN client doesn't get the expected response from whoever you connect to, because the ISP is injecting the ad instead of letting the response from the VPN server through. Your VPN connection goes down and you cannot connect to a VPN again before acknowledging the ad so they let your normal traffic through.
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