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I don't get it, the GTX 970 is NOT fine for 1080p in modern titles. Besides, you can always turn everything to ultra... no such thing as a too powerful card for any particular resolution. The 970 use to wipe the floor with all 1080p games maxed out... but today, max out Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Wolfenstein II even at 1080p... hardly silky smooth 60 fps throughout. If NAVI is a no show at CES, I might get a 1070 Ti class card for my new build to replace my current GTX 970. I would say you need to be close to 1070 Ti or 2080 performance to make it worth it.

Of course, I have now ascended to the 1440p ultra-wide plane of existence, so I need a bit more power than a GTX 970, although a good number of titles run surprisingly well at 3440*1440 with an overclocked 970...

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