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I don't like my 970. I'm still bitter about the 3.5 gb of ram instead of advertised 4 gb ram. That said, I'm using it because I don't think it's worth upgrading for anything short of a 1080 TI at this point. I'd buy a 1080ti for 400 or 450$ used, but not for the 500+$ they are going for. Maybe if I could get a new GTX 1080 for $300...

I run my Gtx 970 on 1440p at 116 hz (Yamakasi monitor). I also drive a 2'nd 1080p 60 hz monitor with the card. At 1440p the 970 doesn't hold 60 hz in a lot of newer games. I'm constantly dropping my graphics from max if I want better frame rate. I feel frame rate is very noticeable in competitive games. In single player RPGS 45 FPS can be sufficient. (Looking at you Witcher 3)...

The real question is, what are you trying to run? Should you buy current gen equipment or are you worried about the next 3 years? Would you be better off spending that money difference on another graphics card in 3 years? What is your budget and would you consider upgrading to a 120 hz?

I would have upgraded to the RTX series if it was competitively priced. I also would have considered a 240 hz monitor for FPS games, or a 4K monitor for RPG's/single player. Here's to hoping AMD release their 7nm graphics cards next year and the market is finally competitive. Honestly, as much as I want the highest frame rates and the best graphics settings, it's hard to convince myself that it's worth spending 500+ just to be able to play games that my system can already play, at a slightly better settings/hz.

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