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Quote: Originally Posted by AllenG View Post
1. That is not quite the same as constantly working within that upper 25%, as you said it would just be worse for its main use case and still wouldn't change the battery life.

5. By nature of their design, most online type try their hardest to emulate a purer sinewave as their main job is to make everything see literally no difference between line power. That isn't to say that buying a cheap no name "Online" UPS might possibly net you a line-interactive masquerading as "Online". Rule of thumb, stick with companies that are dedicated to power backup systems.
thx² for the info

1- so basically a battery has to *work* to last longer?!? (that's counter intuitive that's like a car wearing down faster if kept in the garage) how is that possible??

5- but can a true online UPS still have a false/stepped sinewave output (theoretically)?
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