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I have 1 dead pixel (very small) about 1 inch from top, and 5 inches from right, it was the wife that noticed it, else I would never have known, but now I do.

On the plus side, I have no bleed whatsoever, which is rare for this monitor, so, my way of thinking is:

If I return, then I'll most likely end up worse, lots of bleeding, possibly other problems, regardless of any pixel errors?

Irritating, but it is what it is. It's not that noticeable really, whereas, I could get something really noticeable.

One thing that is annoying me though, and I really don't know if it's monitor related?, and it just happened as I was typing this just now. Screen will very briefly flicker, at random intervals?, doesn't seem to be any timing to it, there it just done it again.

Driver/GSync/Cable problem? Can be just sitting there doing nothing, and a very brief flicker happens. Can't figure out if it is monitor or what?

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