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Quote: Originally Posted by guitarmageddon88 View Post
So, I have been through FOUR of these monitors from the local microcenter so far, praying Id get a good one. Ive tried to look at all of them in the store before I walk out of there and notice something at home. Its an awesome monitor, 1440p, IPS, 144hz.... but from what Im now seeing, asus really screwed the pooch on QC on these didnt they? I think Im just trying too hard to like it.

Ive had dozens of stuck pixels in each monitor. Very frustrating. In my mind, for what these cost, it should be ZERO pixel defects. What are your thoughts? Is this just my OCD? theyre absolutely barely detectable, but its the fact that I know theyre there it just drives me a up a wall. I had initially bought an HP omen off amazon which is TN, but for the price was a great monitor. Having noticed dead pixels on that one, I arranged for a return. I decided to go the local route from microcenter, just in case that one had dead pixels I could return/test replacements easier.

What are my other g-sync/1440p/144hz options? ASUS has the pg278 I believe, which is TN, but I have little confidence now. Thoughts?
Depends on manufacturer policy. PG279Q is one of the main horror stories of AUO M270DAN2.x based monitors, expect to have to lottery around 10 to get something decent if ever. Dead pixels, dust, scratches, endless BLB due to misdesigned frame mounting, some panels suffer from excessive BLB, some from poor viewing angles, almost all suffer from one side is warm other side is cold, the list is endless for M270DAN2.x.

The only sensible 144Hz monitor and panel I know of is LG 32GK850F/650F, PX329. 850G has issues but to some they are acceptable.

Wait for Innolux based monitors of better specs, they are already sold in Asia, Q1 in EU should be. XV272U etc.

Certain monitor ranges from some manufacturers do have 0 pixel policy but on the 144Hz+ panels I think all of those fall into regular trash monitor ranges for them. HP Z line is 0 defects, Philips has that on some, don't remember other, you always gotta check. As in if you get defects within warranty on a 0 pixel defects monitor you get a replacement, not just some initial after sale thingy which at least in EU is 14 days return no questions asked, by law.

Your luck with getting a defect free monitor goes kind of exponentially up the less you pay for a monitor and the more far you get from these borked poor quality 100Hz+ "native advertised" panels

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