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Quote: Originally Posted by Duality92 View Post
So, I installed [email protected] again, just to break in these new 2080's and I'm only netting like 450k from one and 200k from the other. This is rather odd as they can do much more than this. The CPU I'm using is a 2700X at CPU:12 to allow two cores for the GPUs, but it hasn't changed anything.

The motherboard I'm using is an AORUS B450 M (it's just until I get my 2950X with my X399 board), so one GPU is at x16, the other at x4. The X4 GPU is the one at 450k and the x16 one is at 200k.

I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere, but I have no clue at all.

I'm having the same issue with my rig. I've got a TR 2990WX with 2 RTX 2080Tis in SLI on a MEG Creation. When running [email protected] I get about 1M PPDs. CPU does about 50K, GPUs about 300K-450K each. Very much a noob with regards to computer builds and [email protected] Can you give a little more details as to what you did to solve your problem? Not sure what you mean by "DDU'd everything".

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