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Quote: Originally Posted by Neokolzia View Post
Ya I know they have monoblocks for the X370 price wise I'd certainly be interested but unless there is a good reason to switch to a monoblock (which Would require rebending 100%) I probably wouldn't do it.. Where as sticking to a normal block really is fine and has full AM4 compatibility usually watercooling the VRM's is just overkill
I can get my VRM's to 100C+ with my R7 1700 at 4Ghz 1.38v because I'm using the EK supremacy evo AM4 block and there's not much airflow near them.. If I got a 2700X and overclocked it this much the board would likely run into thermal shutdown. I'm holding off on fitting the monoblock until I get one of the new 7nm cpus, but I have one sitting here ready. The monoblock is half price because it's basically on clearance, eventually they won't be available anymore.

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