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Trying to learn ^^
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yeah i porefer to oc my cpu at the maximum lol ^^

what is the problem about AIDA64 ? it not make the cpu hot at the maximum ?

i can use prime alone ? or OCCT and prime ?

for Prime 95 Version 26.6 (non AVX). the values i put are right (der8auer value) ? --> number of torture 16, Min FFT 12, Max FFT 12. Run FFT. Time to run each FFT 15.

for my memory when i will found the good CPU OC i will put them to 4266MHz 17-18-18-38 @1.45volts. (i pay alot for that 4266mhz and timings lol)

@The Pook

what VCCIO/SA you recomand me to put ?
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