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So I have been waiting to do a few things over, I need to get rid of the tube that goes down after the pump so I stop trapping all the magic swirly bits in my fluid as well as redo all my bends and tubing. I have also been debating moving the vid card out of the vertical mount and I finally have a reason to do so. Last week, I ordered a res from Radikult - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3M...hnh9CJUh-TzNRw

Radikult makes reservoirs and other bits with his homebuilt CNC machine, I know a few around here have used them in the past. A little while ago, he started selling non-custom ones in standard sizes. I picked up one of his 280 size units with the integrated D5 mount. I was going to custom order a res and maybe more, but I left my job in September and am taking some time for myself before I start looking again. The res will be mounted in the top of the case.

Now the only thing I am waiting on is for Performance PCS to get the fluid I want back in again. Hopefully that won't be long.

I am also going to be picking up what I need to do some acrylic polishing as both the water blocks I have could use a bit of polishing and this Radikult res is unpolished inside.
I still have a bunch of painting I want to do as well, hopefully sometime this spring. Maybe by then I will be able to tackle the sleeving I want to do as well.

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