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I wouldn't be able to tolerate ANY stuck pixels. I'm short sighted meaning a monitor is incredibly clear but something further out isn't. I can see the lightest smears on a screen, along with smaller-than-pixel-sized-fly-droppings-or-whatever-they-are ( nasty ) on others monitors, so a dead pixel is quite annoying.

However, not all pixels which appear dead, are dead... You can often massage the screen ( smudges, but if you use your fingernail you should be able to get away with no smudges
or another tool which can't scratch the screen ) where the pixel is to revive it.

I wouldn't be bothered if the pixels were at ( 0, 0 ), ( 0, h - 1 ), ( w - 1, 0 ) or ( w - 1, y - 1 ) but they'd be noticed - anywhere else on the screen and they become too apparent for me to consider the monitor useful. For what I do, a single pixel being off can mean not more than an annoyance for coding, or a larger problem when doing image editing - ie say the pixel is meant to be black, and I see it as black because of a dead pixel but it is actually green or white or some other color which can be seen on the final image - and I don't see it through all iterations - that is a huge problem...

I don't care if I spend $200 or more on a monitor, 0 pixels should be dead. Heck, even at $100, it should be fine if new ( otherwise I consider it DOA ). So many monitors now include a EULA which you must accept to use, according them them - so you can always return if it has the up to x dead-pixels mean the monitor is working properly clause, and tell them you don't agree with their EULA. You can even return software after it has been opened ( because you can only read the EULA for the software when you try to install it, sometimes only after it has been installed ) if you do not agree with the EULA.

The only times I find it acceptable are for thrift store finds ( I found a 47 inch 1080p LG tv which had burnt out LEDs and 1 which burned for $25... after repairing, I noticed 2 lines in the screen so I have to take it apart again to replace that ribbon cable - I didn't see the issue when it was apart so it could've just been moved during reassembly so it may not take much to fix ) and then I'd consider fixing and selling...
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