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Quote: Originally Posted by PauliePeanuts View Post
Am I happy? Yeah definitely.. Getting to 4.5 was more than I thought i was going to do.. but you set me straight with a cheap fan that gets the job done.. now im here at 4.5 and everything seems stable... I don't think its worth trying to go higher than this..What I am trying to probe you for are the answers for why i shouldn't be happy.. Because my inexperience is making me ignorant to any further reasons not to be happy.
The way you formulated your question was understandably a case of probing my mind And I sm here to help, so, let's turn this a bit around - there is no reason to be unhappy with a very solid 4.5GHz result, obviously. And my question about alternatives is not a doubt in the previous way, but a statement that there is more than one way to achieve the same happyness aka OC Hence, outside of current overclocking "happyness" for your results the only remaining reasons to change something (again, change doesn't mean it's done because of the lack of happyness) is being curious and trying something new in CPU overclocking. Like taking the same mountain via a different route. I hope I answered this overclockers dream question and other questions that may arise from it ? Well, I think you're very good & pretty lucky with your CPU. That's why I am going to repeat, in other words, it's your decision to learn new ways in overclocking or stay with the current knowledge, results & maybe learn those sometimes later. Hence, again - enjoy ! 🙂

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