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Ok, I hear you. That was a good analogy... It's always good to learn more, and I did find the experience interesting and I definitely learned some stuff from you.. I mean part of me wants to take advantage of whatever there is to learn or what you're willing to teach,, its like free lessons.. I mean there is a difference between reading stuff, and opinions and someone there to answer questions..

On the other hand I feel like everything is working smooth.. why mess with it and create more windows errors and all that stuff.. I don't have the best luck in life.. my luck is pretty terrible actually... Sometimes i feel someone put a curse on me... This overclock went pretty well ... My computer didn't explode i didn't end up with a faulty chip... I didn't crack my motherboard in half trying to install that fan.. Plus we added about 60 new pages to this thread of you patiently walking me through.. You got me to a stable 4.5 and im pretty happy.. I think ive pestered you enough.. Maybe ill just conclude the OC as a success and enjoy it for awhile and pick things up again in the future.. maybe an issue will come up where i have to.. but for now im just actually enjoying a faster machine that is stable on a fresh windows , new ssd.. Soon i might even turn my cache writing back on! lol
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