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There is XV272U, VG271U, VG270U, LG 27GL850G, ASUS PG279QZ, ... Gigabyte... and probably more.

Some of these use old AUO M270DAN2.6 panel, some use newer Innolux, some maybe new LG panel. The 27" 144Hz+ 1440p is finally getting some new panels, of course people now gonna be confused as to what monitor has what panel and most people won't even know anyway as they only look at monitors not at panels and trying to find a monitor with panel they like.

Someone can make a thread for these new releases, I don't feel like maintaining a thread about monitors I'm not going to buy. Plus the spreadsheet insertion on OCN is still and will remain dead I think, making databases on OCN of anything a royal pain to maintain.

I didn't notice any frame skipping on adaptive sync monitors that weren't Gsync certified, the only monitor that had issues was a Gsync one LOL and it wasn't with frame skipping, the board inside was loose or something.
Where is this frame skipping issue on Nvidia GPUs suddenly coming from? I had no issue with frame skipping nor using max refresh rate with Nvidia GPU and non Gsync monitors.
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