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Quote: Originally Posted by animeowns View Post
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I have 5 years warrenty on my LG C7 xD

Lol. Dell probably needs to figure out the ABL first, doesn't have dolby vision, hlg, technicolor. C9 will have 13ms inputlag. And the chance is that dell prices this monitor 2000+ is very high imo. Also I don't think they will have a dynamic tonemapping function for example. Which makes HDR movies look alot better.
Squaretrade warranty ? Yeah I plan on putting a warranty like that on the alienware 55 inch when we can buy it this year. Hdmi 2.1 and DP 1.4 all on one huge display its Heaven
No I'm from Europe. In the dutch law they don't state a minimum but you can get in this price point at least 5 years warranty and the shop I bought it from gave me 5 years warranty.
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