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Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post
Stop reading whatever you read that from, throw a cheap board under a 9700/9900K and it'll struggle stock

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 or the AsRock X470 Taichi Ultimate are good bets. I'd go for the AsRock for 10Gb nic and more intuitive BIOS but they're both good boards.
Haha, duly noted. I've enjoyed this AsRock board quite a bit so far! Honestly? In years prior I've ran several Gigabyte Boards and one ASUS Maximus and had troublesome experiences with them. Gigabyte had odd nuances that seemed to revolve around the bios - Where it's been too long ago to remember what beef I had with the ASUS board I remember being pretty disappointed because I expected great things! lol.

Anyhoo... 10GB NIC! Electrical I'm guessing? It's funny as I work for a fiber backhaul provider in the Midwest. The saying is 10G is the new 1G. 100G is the new 10G and so on. Though, "consumer gradely" speaking... it's a wild thought to have a 10GB interface on my desktop PC! I haven't honestly even looked at the pricing on CAT6, CAT6a or 7 pricing let alone the routers/switches capable of those rates for home users. All the 10G handoffs we supply commercially are optical - so believe it or not I actually have no experience with 10G rates over electrical.

Thanks again for you, and everyone elses info! I come and go from here / the PC game quite often so I appreciate the crash courses...

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